Implementation of the HNS Convention and the 2010 Protocol

Positive progress reported during discussions on HNS matters at IOPC Funds’ meetings

Posted: 08/04/2021

The IOPC Funds Secretariat continues to work in close cooperation with IMO to provide assistance to those States considering ratification and to prepare…

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New version of HNS Finder released

Posted: 02/09/2020

The HNS Finder, the online HNS search tool, has undergone a significant update and the new version is now available here.  The…

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France prepares for ratification of HNS Protocol

Posted: 01/06/2020

France made further progress towards ratification of the 2010 HNS Protocol in May as it published two pieces of legislation setting out…

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EU Ministers sign declaration highlighting importance of ratification of the 2010 HNS Convention

Posted: 17/03/2020

Following discussions at a High-Level Ministerial Maritime Conference held in Opatija, Croatia, from 10-11 March 2020, EU Ministers have signed a declaration…

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ECSA event on the HNS Convention

Posted: 06/03/2020

As part of a wide programme of events during the third European Shipping Week (17–21 February 2020), the European Community Shipowners’ Associations…

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Coordination meeting on ratification of the HNS Convention

Posted: 02/01/2020

At the invitation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands, representatives from Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands…

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