Update on the Understanding the HNS Convention Publication

Posted: 24/07/2015

By: Thomas Liebert

François MarierDear Members of the Correspondence Group,

The “mock-up” of the Understanding the HNS Convention Publication is now available here. This has been developed in collaboration with the secretariats of the IMO, IOPC Funds, ITOPF and IG of P&I Clubs. It is also based on the document that was presented at the 102nd sessions of the IMO Legal Committee (document LEG102/3/1).

It is meant to present a non-visual representation of the publication by focusing first on the text and how the information is presented in terms of sequencing and order. It gives the reader some idea as well as to where some of the images and graphics will be found in the future publication.

Once the Correspondence Group has had an opportunity to review the draft and provided any comments, the IMO’s publication division will begin the layout and a further draft will be circulated to the Correspondence Group for consideration.

To that end, I would ask if you could please provide your comments and/or revisions to me no later than August 12.

Thank you and best regards,

François Marier
HNS Correspondence Group Coordinator