Understanding the HNS Convention Publication

Posted: 14/10/2015

By: Thomas Liebert


Dear Members of the Correspondence Group,

As per my last post on this item that is part of the Correspondence Group’s mandate, I have worked with the Secretariats of the IMO, IOPC Funds and ITOPF to develop a draft of the publication which can be found here. This was based on the Mock-Up that was last considered by the Correspondence Group during the summer months.

We went through several versions of this publication and looked at it not only from a visual standpoint in terms of the images, colours and layout but also in terms of the text and whether it matched the visual and if it needed revisions to strengthen it and deliver the right message. Needless to say, there have been some changes and that includes the title. We are now proposing a new title that is better reflective of the intent behind this publication. The new proposed title is: The HNS Convention Why it is Needed.

It is intended to be read as a fold out brochure starting with the title page and on the reverse are the first 3 pages with the 2 last pages on the same side as the title page. They are numbered.

Given that it has taken longer to develop this draft to be ready for the Correspondence Group’s consideration, it will not be published in time for next week’s IOPC Funds meeting. Rather, I would ask if you could provide me with your views and comments by November 2nd. We can then work on any revisions and consult the Group again if necessary with the aim of completing the publication by the end of November. Once completed, a number will be printed and it will be made available electronically on several websites.

Following this, there remains two items on the Group’s mandate and once we have completed the publication, the Group will soon be able to consider the HNS Incident Scenarios, which will be developed in a Powerpoint presentation format.

Lastly and unfortunately, I will not be at next week’s IOPC Funds meeting but you can provide any comments as well to Daniel Haché, Head of the Canadian delegation as well as to Jan De Boer of the IMO Secretariat and Thomas Liebert of the IOPC Funds Secretariat.

Best regards,

François Marier