The HNS Convention: Why it is Needed Brochure

Posted: 09/02/2016

By: Thomas Liebert


Dear Members of the Correspondence Group,

Please find below the link to the IMO news briefing on the official publication of the brochure “The HNS Convention: Why it is Needed” developed by the Correspondence Group. Thank you to all who so positively contributed to its development.HNSConvention_Cover

The publication is available in English, French and Spanish and I strongly encourage you to share this brochure with your colleagues and stakeholders as a good tool to promote the HNS Convention. It will also be made available on the websites of the HNS Convention, the IOPC Funds and ITOPF. Printed copies will be available at future meetings including the IOPC Funds meeting in April and the IMO Legal Committee meeting in June.

Best regards,

François Marier