Programme for HNS Workshop

Posted: 03/10/2016

By: Thomas Liebert

François MarierDear Members of the Correspondence Group,

I had provided you an update in August indicating that we would try an circulate a draft of the HNS Incident Scenarios draft presentation by the end of September. However, that will not be possible and further work is needed on the presentation before we can circulate it. We will aim to do so by the end of October.

In the meantime, I would like to seek your views and input on the third item in the Correspondence Group’s mandate, which is to develop a draft programme for a workshop for consideration by the Legal Committee.

As a starting point, I would point you to two documents that have previously been submitted to the Legal Committee:

  1. Document LEG 102/3/2 which reports on a workshop held in October 2014 in Rome, Italy (see Annex 1 of document)
  2. Document LEG 103/3/3 which reports on a workshop held in March 2016 in Montreal, Canada (see Annex 1 of document).

It is my view that a two day workshop would be most ideal for participants in order to get the information needed and make it worthwhile attending.

Thus, I would ask, if you could provide me with any views on:

  • Length and format of the workshop
  • Topics and issues to be covered in the sessions
  • Suggestions for presenters and panelists

Please provide me these views by October 28, 2016.

Best regards.

François Marier