Draft report to the next session of the IMO Legal Committee

Posted: 26/01/2015

By: Thomas Liebert

FM_smallDear Members of the Correspondence Group,

A draft report to the next session of the IMO Legal Committee can be found here for your consideration. This report provides an overview of the Group’s work over the past year and indicates what next steps are needed for the Legal Committee to consider. Finally, it recommends that the Legal Committee extend the mandate of the Correspondence Group for another year (until its next session in 2016).

Given the length of the report, it must be submitted to the IMO Secretariat by the deadline of 9 February. Therefore, I would ask you to please send me any comments on the report by 3 February at the very latest in order for me to meet this deadline.

You will note in the report that there is a reference to a second paper, this one to deal specifically with the idea of the “HNS Made Easy” publication that has been discussed within the Correspondence Group. The reason for the separate paper as the outline of the “HNS Made Easy” is still under development with the assistance of the IMO and IOPC Funds Secretariats as well as ITOPF. The paper will be developed in the near future and put to the Correspondence Group for its further consideration. Since it will be less than the 6 page IMO limit, the deadline for its submission is 2 March.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and comments.

Best regards,

François Marier