Workshop hosted by Canada, March 2016

Posted: 18/03/2016

Transport Canada hosted a two-day Workshop on the 2010 HNS Convention on 17 and 18 March 2016 in Montreal. The workshop had a full programme which attracted speakers and participants from government and industry and covered many of the key areas pertinent to the entry into force of the Convention.

The workshop was moderated by the Coordinator of IMO’s HNS Correspondence Group, Mr Francois Marier. A summary of the topics covered at the workshop is set out in document IOPC/APR16/5/1, submitted to the 20th session of the 1992 Fund Assembly for its consideration in April 2016. The workshop programme and the presentations delivered are available below.

The concluding session of the workshop focussed on the development of a draft resolution to be considered by the IMO Legal Committee in June 2016, including possibly setting out a target date for the Convention’s coming into force as part of an international coordinated effort towards ratification, which was a key message from the participants.